Loupe for Chromebook Education

Loupe is excited to be the only photo collage app recommended by the Google Chromebooks for Education App Pack.

The Google App Pack contains popular educational apps found in the Chrome Web Store. Each pack includes a variety of educational tools made directly available through the Chromebook Management Console. With the Chromebook Management Console, teachers are able to publish apps directly to each student's Chromebook in their network. That means that you are able to install Loupe onto every student's Chromebook with one click.

If you haven't already set up your Chromebook, read "Here's how to set up App Packs for your Chromebooks."

Introduction: What is Loupe?

Loupe takes hundreds of photos and in seconds, automatically create beautiful photo collages in any shape that you want. Turn your photos into hearts, animals, words and even logos!
Photos + Shape = Shape Collage

Loupe 101: How to make a shape collage

  1. Click on Make Your Own.
    Click make your own
  2. Click on Add Photos.
    Add photos
  3. Click on the Search Tab. Type in the photos you are looking for or select one of the suggested searches.
    Click the search tab
  4. Search for the photos you would like to use in your collage. Select the files you need and click Add Photos.
    Search for photos
    Select photos
  5. Select the shape you want for your collage. Watch the animation as your collage comes together.
    Select a collage shape
  6. The EDIT button is pre-selected so you can move any individual photo. You can also zoom in to see details of photos.
    Click the edit button
    Zoom in
  7. Once you're done with your collage, click on SAVE.
    Click the save button
  8. Create a unique title and description. Have fun with the title! The description should include the details of your project and perhaps some information about the photos you have used.
    Enter a title and description of the collage
  9. To make your collage private and only available to those who have the link to your collage, click on "Keep to Myself." Read more about privacy.
    Make the collage private
  10. After you have saved your collage to the web, you can save it to your Google Drive.
    Save to google drive
    Google drive success
  11. You can also share your collage with friends and family through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Email.
    Post to facebook
    Tweet the collage
  12. If you would like to use this for your blog or website, there is an embed link available for you to use.
    Embed the collage into your site
  13. Scroll over individual images to see the enlarged version. If you click on individual images, you will be directed to where the photo or image is from. And yes, that means you can create collages of videos too! When you create a collage of videos, each image will link back to the video.
    Mouse over each photo to view a larger version

Loupe for Classroom

Photo Collages can be used:

  • As a poster for print for the back of the class
    • Eg. Field trip memories
    • Eg. Ski camp
    • Eg. Each class has their own collage
  • As a support for student's statement
  • As attractive presentation for work on the web or social networks
    • Eg. Photos in the collage on Loupe link to site where photo lives can be used as a resource for students
  • Assignments
    • Creative: Eg. Project is about the Island where the elementary school is. Children were asked to search for photos about the island and arrange the photos into a shape of the island. Island Project
    • Reporting/Journalistic: Eg. To create a presentation document or as a title page for report
  • As a word wall
  • In mixing or pairing games
  • As a choosing board
How did you use Loupe in your classroom? We'd love to hear your experience! Please tell us your story.
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