Droughtlander Photo Contest Photos from the Droughtlander Photo Contest on Outlandish Observations (Oct. - Nov. 2015)  http://outlandishobservations.com Photo092.jpg 92) Trudy M. - My collection of Outlander books! To show them all, I had to lay them out on my bed; they were either on my Keeper Shelf or, in the case of the latter books, on my TBR shelf. I haunt flea markets, thrift stores, library book nooks and used book stores for previously owned books to pass out to people so they will be fans too! I spend more in postage than I do for the books. So far my college roommate in PA is hooked (books 1-4), close friend who now lives in NC (1&2), good friend in PA who lent me money for a water heater (Outlander), my male neighbor (read and enjoyed Outlander) and neighbor from the U.K., also male who downloaded Outlander before returning home. Pretty good, I think! Photo142.jpg 142) Susan P. - I listen to the books, so that is indeed my ear with the earphone. Since I listen, I displayed that cover with impressions embedded to give an idea of what is in my head, especially if I'm falling into Dreamland! Photo091.jpg 91) Terri B. - Taken late on the night of All Hallow's Eve, this photo contains images meant to represent Jamie and Claire: - For Jamie: the dark blue rosary for the color of his eyes and for his Catholicism (the 'stinking Papist'); a small Scottish tartan plaid; and a wee thistle design candleholder from Scotland. - For Claire: two glasses of 'verra fine whisky, wi' the sun (or in this case, a candle) shining through them from behind'; and two rings- one a plan gold band, the other silver, 'decorated in the Highland interlace style, a small and delicate Jacobean thistle bloom carved in the center of each link'. - For the two of them together: A much larger (bracelet) version of their wedding ring, to represent their marriage and ever-enduring love; another candle recalling the many precious quiet evenings spent together in the 18th century; and, of course, the lovely 20th Anniversary Edition of the first book through which their beautiful story was shared with the world. Photo078.jpg 78) Anne (Germany) - One of car seats stands at the moment in our livingroom... Photo060.jpg 60) Linda S. - My Outlander Book case, the ones in plastic baggies are signed or first editions The tube on top of the small books is an Outlander poster I am waiting to find a frame for. The empty Outlander water bottle I got when I went to see Diana and Ron in NYC 2013. Three shelves of Outlander and I always have at least one brand new Outlander book to give away. I have read them all many times and the wear and tear show on the small and tradeback sized. The only book that doesn't show is Exile, but it's tucked in there. Photo007.JPG 7) Patty S. - My photo is from the spot on my bookshelf where my Outlander collection usually resides.  Most of them are out on loan. Photo104.jpg 104) Mary S. - This collection contains four extraordinary stories, including two captivating Lord John Novellas, (my favorite). And as if these alone were not enough to keep anyone of us fully immersed, keep reading about wee Roger’s parents during WWII; and another special tale following the events of Diana’s seventh Novel, An Echo in the Bone, set in Paris in 1778. Photo053.jpg 53) Roslyn H. (Australia) - My competition entry photo shows me standing beside one of the many light poles in the 'Scottish' town of Maclean, in New South Wales, Australia, near where I live. All the light poles are painted with Scottish Clan tartans, but this is the Fraser tartan! Maclean was settled by Samual MacNaughten during the Highland Clearances, when he encouraged many clan members to emigrate with him ~ some of their descendants still live here today. I am holding Diana Gabaldon's 'Cross stitch' and 'Through The Stones'. Photo146.jpg 146) Suzie Q. (Canada) - This is me in my recliner, with my favourite fuzzy socks, reading the Outlandish Companion II, in front of the fire. This is the best place to sit and read any Outlander book, during the long, cold winter nights up north. Bliss! Photo133.jpg 133) Sarah J. (Canada) - This is a photo of my nightstand at the moment (unedited). :-) Photo094.jpg 94) Jessie E. - these are my kit kats, Pepe (tuxedo) and Miss Charlie (calico). Photo058.jpg 58) Gail D.-R. - Our Wee Cheetie Miss Luna loves Diana's books too! Photo129.jpg 129) Dawn P. - Outlander is now front and center in our family room.
My sons joke that if Diana writes many more books, I may need to remove my sons pictures from our mantle. Photo126.jpg 126) Kay K. - So my story is that I was introduced to Outlander 17 years ago, in November 1998, just after I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I was quite ill following complications from surgery and it seemed as though death had left her calling card.  My life-long love of reading was a great source of refuge for me and during my hospitalization, there were times that I was so engrossed with Outlander that I forgot that I had been handed a very serious diagnosis.  I just about finished the book during my month long hospitalization and have been on the Outlander bandwagon ever since. What is the Outlander series about, really?  For me, it is about growth, never giving up, transformation, strength, courage, the wretched things that the Brits did to the Scots, pride in one’s culture and country, and the amazing contributions that immigrants have made to the US.  In the end, for me, Outlander is about love. Photo052.jpg 52) Janet C. - Because of this book, I spent 6 months reading the first 7, and then waiting for number 8.  During the wait, my husband and I took a trip to Scotland to walk in Jamie and Claire's steps.  The painting is one DH did of a castle we toured. The plaid is Isle of Skye. We got home just in time for Moby to be released!  Pure bliss!  Then the wait for the show!  But first I had to subscribe to Starz!  The show began and I made my husband swear a blood oath he would watch with me. No problem with that. He was hooked after the first show. But he bought a new TV with all the bells and whistles so the picture quality would be optimal. Droughtlander consists of voting for awards, rereading and just enjoying! I own all the books on Kindle, on audiobook, in paperback and most in hardback. The paper copies are insurance in case we go off the power grid. Photo041.jpg 41) Diana D. - Imagine my surprise at walking into a booth at the 69th Annual Scottish Highland Games, in Enumclaw, Washington & there sits this gem of a FIRST EDITION Voyager paperback!!! I snap this photo, then immediately pick it up.   My friend walks up behind me and with affectionate jealousy calls me a less-than-charming name for discovering it first! It was a beautiful moment when I just smiled and happily walked up to the cash register. Photo011.jpg 11) Sandra K. - My 16yo daughter, not an Outlander fan, ran across the entire Phoenix ComicCon to make it into Herself’s autograph line to have my original 1993 Outlander paperback signed when I was very ill this summer. People were shouting, “Make way for Cinderella! Cinderella coming through!” so that she could get into the line before it closed.  Herself commented on the age of the book and my daughter acknowledged that it is older than she is. Photo006.JPG 6) Marjorie K. - My World by Diana Gabaldon! Photo147.jpg 147) Constanza O. (Chile) - I'm from Chile so I haven't got yet a large collection of the Outlander series, but I have the three first books and two mini handmade dolls of Claire and Jamie. Photo105.jpg 105) Sandra N. - The black rosary bracelet represents the precious rosary that Jamie tossed around Claire's neck at the Witch trial. At my first Outlandish Gathering in Boston, I scored the 20th Anniversary edition of Outlander which had been signed by Diana Gabaldon and the gorgeous bracelet made of real rosary beads by Wicked Sassenach Denise. Photo029.jpg 29) Heather B. - This is my nephew Brayden (2 years old at the time) holding a very worn copy of my Outlander, the first one I read, that was passed on to me by my father, now deceased. I'll always treasure that copy that Dad gave me, and that he introduced me to the series. Before Season 1 of the Outlander Television Series premiered, I decided to do a reread of the entire series. One night not long after my decision, I was babysitting my nephew.  He saw me trying to read, and came to sit in my lap, and wanted to hold my book, so I let him. Hence the perfect photo op! My nephew studied the front cover intensely for a moment, and then, being accustomed to his Ipad and puzzles on his Ipad, took his index finger, placed it on one of the shards, and attempted to 'flick ' the shard back into place. After several attempts, he looked at me and said 'won't work...won't work,' with the most confused and disappointed look on his face! Photo118.jpg 118) Melissa B. - Myself, my dog and cardboard Jamie enjoying a lovely re-read of 'The Fiery Cross' surrounded by the rest of Dr. G's books and a beverage or two.  I've also attached a CPAP to Jamie's face incase he has Pulmonary Obstructive Disease like I do. ;) Photo076.jpg 76) Lori E. - This is how I indulge my Outlander Obsession. What is not included in the photo are pictures of all of the Ebook versions. Yep, I have them all in Ebook version too. Photo144.jpg 144) Carolyn B. - My submission for the contest, hope you like it. Photo034.jpg 34) Maryann M. - This is Grandma Meister who will be celebrating her 98th birthday on November 16 (born in 1917).  Could she possibly be the oldest current Outlander reader on the planet?  Reading is going a little slow since she also loves softball and baseball and the playoffs and World Series are getting in the way. Grandma Meister is my mother-in-law and is well-known across the country as she used to travel  up until last year following a high school aged girls' softball team and would often be seen cheering in her wheelchair all over the country.  She was, and still is, quite a wild one in her day. Photo099.jpg 99) Tiffany W. - Jasper the dachshund fell asleep after watching an episode 3 times. I don't allow them (I have 3 others) in my lap while I'm concentrating on the show! After I finally finished, he just knew it was lap time! But then, I had to read! He went to sleep in the spot next to me and I snapped a pic of two of my passions: Outlander and Dachshunds (he is a rescue!) Photo020.jpg 20) Johanna P. (Finland) - My collection: all the Outlander and Lord John books, translated to Finnish + 'Outlander' in original language. I have read the whole Outlander series twice now, and 'Outlander' many, many times... Love it! And Laphroaig whisky... so good! Photo073.jpg 73) Yael I. (Israel) - I took a photo of all the Outlander books that where translated into Hebrew. There are four books, but only three were translated. Voyager was devided into two parts (and we had to wait several months between them). So we have 'Outlander', 'Dragonfly in Amber', 'Voyager across Time' and 'Voyager across the Ocean'. I'm very proud of having the latters, because together with a virtual friend, I urged the publishers to translate the third book, promising that there are many fans to buy and read! We did the same emails-campaign with a cable company, which we asked to broadcast the series in Israel, and succeded in that mission too! Photo068.jpg 68) Deb K. - My Outlandish Obsession! Photo148.jpg 148) Lorena O. (Chile) - I'm from Chile and this is a photo of my daughter in her trip to Europe reading Outlander at the top of Holyrood Park in Edinburgh. Photo051.jpg 51) Josie C. - Here is my Outmander and fellow Outlander aficionado: My husband, Frank, has fully embraced the whole Outlander experience. He has started reading them for the third time!  We love the TV series. A romantic evening often starts with the wedding episode! We may be old, but we're not dead yet. Frank has taken me to Scotland twice!  He bought his kilt without prodding from me.  He chose the All Scotland Tartan and calls Scotland his adopted country.  I bought him the bonnet for his 70th birthday from Historical Caps, that was the source of the Outlander bonnets. This photo was taken at our house in the Appalachian Mountains,which are geologically part of the same range as those in Scotland! Photo032.jpg 32) Bettina L. (Germany) - I love Scotland and all related scottish culture, landscape, tradition. I'm fascinated from Dianas books since many many years. And I'm happy that with the Outlander series we now have faces for our beloved characters Jamie, Claire and all the others. On the  photo you could see a little selection of Dianas books, be sure, I have them all including the John-Grey novels, in paper format and as also as e-books. When I'm at work or travelling, I prefer the ebook-reader due to the size and weight of Dianas books. First I read them all in german language, because it is my mother tongue and then I read them again in english. At the moment I'm reading for the third time 'A Breath of Snow and Ashes', and simultaneously I'm reading my new acquisition from bookstore, the new translation of 'Outlander' novel, which is in paper format. I read every day for some hours, my favorite place is on my sofa, while reading I forget all the things around me. Photo113.jpg 113) Tamar (Israel) - In the picture it's Julie who was definitely a queen sometime, somewhere. Nowadays she just loves to cuddle next to me when I'm reading Diana's books in Hebrew or English (Only the 3 first books were translated to Hebrew until now and I couldn't wait anymore). Photo024.jpg 24) Judy W. - The picture is my collection of Outlander books. I did have more, but have given many copies to family and friends over the years. The larger thistle bookmark was a cross stitch kit that my parents purchased for me while we were visiting Scotland. The smaller metal thistle bookmark also came from Scotland. We've visited there three times and can't wait to go back again! Photo071.jpg 71) Elsa D. (Canada) - Here is mine favorite place to read Diana's books!!! Photo049.jpg 49) Karen T. - The Jamie Bear Picnic Photo039.jpg 39) Denese H. - Reading about Lord John and Jamie while at elk camp. I'm new to outlander and haven't been able to put the books down!!! Just love um!!! Photo107.jpg 107) Pamela A. - My cat Sammy taking a break from numerous re-reads. It is a dear memory to me because Sammy has crossed the rainbow bridge. Photo037.jpg 37) Sue K. - I've taken this photo of my darling husband - my own Jamie, although I suppose he looks more like Dougal - reading Outlander at our own cabin in the woods, which is how I imagine the Ridge to be.  It's taken me a long time to convince him to read the book, but he has finally started! Photo097.jpg 97) Becky P. - OUTLANDER at the tea table. I was invited to do a Tablescape at a 'costumed' tea by a friend. I chose to make my table about OUTLANDER...of course. I placed the series of books in the center of the table...hanging a necklace of a dragonfly in amber (that was made and bought for this tea). I made the food trays that sit on each side of the books from gold and silver chargers (for Claire's rings).  I had the 'Time Traveler' wine glasses made for the tea. The coasters say Craigh Na Dun with a standing stone circle...or Sassenach. Photo019.jpg 19) Rebecca I. - This is my favorite place to read. My sweet husband of 16 years arranged it for me as a surprise. With 3 kids mommy dose not get much quiet time to read but now I have my own little corner to hide away in. I love it to pieces! Photo047.jpg 47) Stephanie D. - 'The Struggle is Real'. As many mothers know it is not easy after having children to make time just for yourself, but with reading, and especially the Outlander series, I always make time! In turn, my children, especially my two daughters have become avid readers by following my example.  So, I'll call it a win!! Photo125.jpg 125) Betsy E. - This is my overflowing Outlander shelf! As you can see, I have multiple copies in paperback for lending.  My hardbacks are behind them. Photo048.jpg 48) Heather B. - Here is a picture of the very first Outlander copy that was given to me by my mother over 15 years ago. It is in fair condition... But is starting to come apart at the seams (as you can see). This is the copy I read the very first time I experienced Outlander and it was the beginning of an amazing love story that is still being written (my love story with Diana's books). Photo119.jpg 119) Steph P. - 18 years separate my first copy of Outlander (1997) and my second (2015, which I hunted up while I was in England). It helped get me thru my then-toddler daughter's three major throat surgeries by giving me a place to go to get away from everything for awhile. And it still does. It's ragged, creased and has the patina of a much-loved book, but I wouldn't give it up for anything. I haven't opened the new one yet because I don't want to crease the spine. Someday I will...   Maybe.... Photo002.JPG 2) Stacey W. - this is a photo of 'that time I found my kids doing a little light reading' ;) My daughter was 5 at the time and would ask me to read her the book whenever she found me reading it. Photo128.jpg 128) Jari B. (Finland) - Getting Outlandish Companion II order Photo021.jpg 21) Kerstin A. (Sweden) - I posted this picture on the Outlander Sweden Facebook-page, as reply to the question; How many Outlander related books have Diana Gabaldon written? Since I have them all, including Virgins as ebook, I posted this picture. I heard about Outlander TV-series first, and about the books later. Started watching in September 2014, ordered the first book September 28th, and had read them all by May 2015. One 'side effect' is that it has greatly improved my english vocabulary. Thank you, Diana! Photo031.jpg 31) PJ G. - My bookshelf with souvenirs from NYC Premiere. I no longer have the used copy of CrossStitch, my introduction to the world of Outlander from a used bookstore in Boulder in the early 90s.  Hopefully in went on to be read by many. Photo065.jpg 65) Lorey C. - All Things Outlander Photo067.jpg 67) Jill G. - This is my Adso hanging out where she should be...in front of my Outlander collection... Photo008.jpg 8) Ashley M. - Holding my copy of MOBY and totally showing off the one and only tattoo I have :) Photo088.jpg 88) Louisa C. (Spain) - As with many folk this summer we have endured and are surviving - against all odds - Droughtlander.  So in trying to make it a little more bearable, Jamie & Claire came too on every outing to the beach this summer. I have been reading and re-reading the books at every available opportunity. I have them in paper and Kindle format (as I can't bear to be without them). I think the most unusual  read was whilst out with friends who had gone off on a hike (in 45ºC).  I opted to sit on a rock in the middle of a mountain stream and cool off.  It was heaven - Jamie, Claire, blue skies & ice cold water. Photo137.jpg 137) Gaby K. - This is a photo of my Outlander Bookshelves. The top shelf contains small replicas of the Outlander Series.  These are Christmas ornaments which someone made for me.  The shot glasses on the lower shelf are 'Outlander' shot glasses with 'Outlander' on one side and Slainte Mhath on the other.  You can't see this on the photo.  The glass in the middle is supposed to be The Jacobite Glass.  It is very beautiful.  Too bad you can't see the details on the picture. Photo072.jpg 72) Cynthia N. - It's a photo of my bookshelf of the Outlander series. Years ago I collected Cherished Teddies figurines, and recently it occurred to me that some of them could be used to decorate the space in front of my Outlander paperbacks - two Scottish bears, a frontier one (with a small bear, for Jamie's Indian name), a Colonial lady bear, and a French bear. There's also a cabin to represent Fraser's Ridge. Oh, and of course, Pocket Jamie! Photo121.jpg 121) Sharon C. - My Outlander Obsession! I've been an Outlander fan since the books came out. Travel with one at all times! Pocket Jamie goes everywhere-made kilts for WHISKY nips for a party- what a hit! We won't mention the GI Joe I dressed in a kilt or Jamie photo I framed and display with family pics! Favorite books forever- My Outlander Obsession and proud of it! Photo016.jpg 16) Paige C. - My pic focuses on one my favorite ring by the Tag Your It etsy shop. All it says is 'Sassenach'. Very simple. In the background, is the 'Outlander' book itself. I put it up against one of my trees in the front lawn. There's alot of nature in the books and I wanted it to be represented in the pic. Photo050.jpg 50) Lucilene S. (Brazil) - My Collection! British Edition, American Edition, old Brazilian edition, new Brazilian edition, Portuguese (Portugal) edition... yes, I have problems but I am glad for it! Photo114.jpg 114) Dee M. - My collection of books and movie items and me with Diana in Seattle at the fan retreat. Photo074.jpg 74) Fiona C. - My photo shows my newest addition to my outlander world a T-shirt and part one of the outlandish companion. My kindle is my lifeline it holds all of Diana's Books and keeps me sane when commuting to and from work every day (3hrs a day!) Being able to escape into the wonderful story of Jamie and Claire helps the commute faster. The most unusual place I have read Outlander would have to be standing on a windy rainy train station trying to protect my kindle from frying. Photo014.jpg 14) Peggy S. - There I was at a standing stone (which for some reason looked like STARZ version of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander book) in Scotland, and I couldn't get to 1743. That travel agent lied to me! Photo130.jpg 130) Carmen T. (Germany) - This is a photo I took vor a collage for Barbara Schnell as a thank you gift. It shows a small section of my books by Diana with this very special German edition of LJ and the privat Matter in the foreground. A paperback book is called a 'Taschenbuch' in German and the publisher took it literal and made some Taschenbücher, including this one. Photo109.jpg 109) Rita N. - Here is a self pic of me with Outlander book which my crazy husband bought from second hand bookstore for $100.00!! I never had a book that costly! Yes it's autographed and dated 1994. My daughter bought the two figurines for me.  Cute eh? Photo087.jpg 87) Virginia M. - Here is my photo taken this morning at my desk. My kindle in hand, head phones and a list of the audio books purchased and listened to as I commute to and from work. My cubicle collage is helping me get through Droughtlander. I'm obsessed and would love to win all things outlander.  Ye ken......I will no fash though, as I ken I'm in good company. Photo115.jpg 115) Pamela M. - I put my collection of books behind the couch I sit on to read. I find it appropriate that I also have a stag mount looking over my shoulder. Je suis prest. Photo081.jpg 81) Carrie N. (Canada) - My favourite place to read Diana's books is on our dock at our favourite place, our family cottage. The cottage was built over 65 years ago by my husband's Scottish grandfather, John 'Scottie' MacDonald, whom we all adored. The front door of the cottage was the door from their home in Scotland.  Why they brought it with them when they emigrated to Canada by boat with 7 children and a dog in the 1920's is a mystery. Reading Diana's books help transport me to a time our ancestors lived through. I've enjoyed it immensely and love the characters. The show, is icing on the cake! Photo055.jpg 55) Gail M. - When my Speckled Sussex girls saw their cousins in the 'Rent' episode, getting to work with Sam Heughan, they wanted to know the whole story!! I actually did most of my reading of the Outlander books while sitting in that part of the chicken yard we have named the Hen Station. Photo127.jpg 127) Cisy H. - The photo is a screenshot of my Audible page of outlander series. I'm currently listening to A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Photo044.jpg 44) Ginny P. - Wherever I drive, even strangers know I am obsessed with OUTLANDER! Photo056.jpg 56) Debbie H. - My cat, Emeline Luise 'Emmie' showing what 'we' read each night. She waits on her blanket for me to come to bed, although she was not too happy to share it with all these books while posing for her pic. We are currently reading 'An Echo in the Bone.' We both love Diana and her amazing books!! Photo117.jpg 117) Rita W. - I finally got around to photographing my Outlander series books and other Outlander paraphernalia I keep on my section of the bookcase! The hardcovers are all signed copies, a few are first print first editions, but the only one I had the privilege of having signed in person by Diana is the leather bound anniversary version of Outlander which had been gifted to me by Judy Lowstuter. I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to meet Diana after reading the series over and over for the past 20 years. I really love the Easton Press print of Outlander - it's such a beautiful book. Photo064.jpg 64) Shelia S. - This is a pic that I took in Barnes and Noble.  It's my screensaver on my phone.  I have all the books but most are on my Kindle. Photo063.jpg 63) Jan H. - I took this last night - settling in to read Outlandish Companion. Photo035.jpg 35) Martha B. - *** CONTEST WINNER! *** - This is my first time read through... I became addicted after watching the TV series On Demand one weekend... (July 5th to be exact - I asked my friends on FB what they thought of the series and if it was worth the shot)... The next weekend (July 12th) I went out and purchased the first 3 books... And well... If you read Diana...You know... It's like potato chips... I couldn't stop... So... 6,707 Pages & 100 Days Later this is what it looks like... LOL! :-D Looking forward to reading the Novellas, The Exile & The LJG Series as well... Also... People ask me all the time what the tabs mean (I posted pics of the books as I finished them)... Here ya go... LOL! Red = Sex or Implied Sex, Purple = Kisses or Compliments, Green = Things That Made Me Laugh Out Loud or Smile, Blue = Clues, Further Research & Comments of Note, Yellow = AWESOMENESS ;-) Photo069.jpg 69) Donna D. - Hannah wants to hear more about Adso! Photo143.jpg 143) Mary M. - With my cat buddies- looking forward to reading 'An Echo in the Bone' Photo043.jpg 43) Rosie P. (Canada) - I have loved reading since I was able to pick up my first book as a child. I am of French origin (Franco-Ontarian, in Canada) and only learned to read in English around the age of 10. But once I discovered the massive amounts of variety in English books, I was unstoppable! My parents had an intervention when I was about 17, asking me to *please stop reading so much*. Twenty years later, my husband understands my passion for books and I now have a library in our home! This photo is taken in my office space, where I have a cozy wood fireplace and a loveseat. I used to read upside down, sideways and curled up anywhere all the time when I was younger (my parents though it was hilarious), so this is an homage to those times. Photo101.jpg 101) Wendy K. - My high tech Outlander collection is compact and highly portable. The iPad also contains digital versions of the TV episodes, and both gadgets allow me to interact with other Outlander fans as well as Diana herself! Photo062.jpg 62) Jani W. - This is the original book, purchased in 1994 after my first trip to Scotland. It has made the rounds of many friends and co-workers, and is now retired. The binding is held together by tape and the pages are yellowing, but it's still treasured. I have all of the books in both paperback and hardcover, including Cross Stitch purchased at Culloden many years ago. Photo086.jpg 85) Barbara M. - The signed excerpt is from a breakfast I had with Diana in 2013 it was actually our second meeting except the first time I didn't know who she was at the 2011 Romance Writers of America conference . We'll remember she wasn't as visible then I read all her books consecutively in 2012 and was addicted and naturally became my favorite author for life. Of course my bookseller friend shared this story with Diana in 2013 and I was so mortified and embarrassed. :( Diana was gracious and lovely and just laughed. I included photo of our meeting a huge highlight of mine.    Included my book collection Shrine with some props I decorate it with and also my audio collection. Photo042.jpg 42) Tanja M. (Germany) - I thought long and hard and in the end came up with this collage. Photo009.jpg 9) Laura A. (Canada) - I love love love the Outlander series and can't seem to put the books down. It's crazy how a book can take over your thoughts and leave you wanting more and more!  I read any chance I get but being a mom with a full time job can make you find some pretty interesting places to read, as most times I must hide so I'm not pestered lol.  I sneak my books to work and read on the Zamboni while I wait In between hockey games to clean the ice! All my Outlander books are well loved and used....some with tape holding the well worn pages in! Photo070.jpg 70) Susie N. - This is me in my favorite place to read. The story behind this photo is that when I'm upset or having a bad day, my husband tells 'go to Jamie-land!' What you see is me in jamieland - rereading Outlander series once again. Photo001.JPG 1) Klara P. (Germany) - Here's my beloved Outlander library :-) Photo022.jpg 22) Elena S. - This is my little old girl Abbey. As you can tell she's a big Outlander fan. :-) Photo135.jpg 135) Belinda C. (Australia) - I don't want the story to end so I'm reading 'outlander' from the beginning again!! Photo079.jpg 79) Karen E. (UK) - I took my photo where I sit and read them. Either by the light coming through my window or use my read lamp. I love to read and escape through her books. In to Jamie and Claire world. Also the stories of Lord John grey. I have just return today from trip to Scotland. I went on a outlander tour and enjoyed every minute. Photo136.jpg 136) Glady A. - 'He fell rather gracefully for such a large man.' Photo066.jpg 66) Donna G. - This is my small collection. I started reading after getting hooked on the TV show last year. Most of the books are signed by Diana because I'm obsessed that way. Photo027.jpg 27) Karen C. - Here are Diana’s wonderful books proudly displayed in the gift shop at Culloden. Photo061.jpg 61) Megan M. - Here's a picture of me and my 20 pound cat, Annie, reading Dragonfly in Amber and drinking coffee out of our Je Suis Prest cup. We are also stylishly wrapped in our plaid poncho. Annie and I are next gen outlander fans (hey, cut her some slack, she just recently learned how to read) and are almost finished with book two. Hopefully by the time we are done with book eight, the holy grail (otherwise known as book nine) will be in print. Maybe that's the benefit of getting to this ball game late- no waiting. Photo023.jpg 23) Candi S. - 'Why yes, I do like Outlander, why do you ask?' photo033.jpg 33) Sheri B. - I don't have a special story to go along with the pic, but I feel the shelf in my bookcase dedicated to Outlander is definitely my favorite! I have a pocket Jamie around here somewhere, but couldn't find it to place in the pic. These books are my all time favorite books, and I'm an avid bookworm. I've had my nose in a book since I was a kid. I read the Outlander series for the first time in 2008 and have yet to find a book to even compare to these. I tell people all the time that Diana Gabaldon has ruined me for any other author! :-) Photo080.jpg 80) Cathi F. - My book shelf. Photo018.jpg 18) Leah M. - Just a normal day... reading An Echo in the Bone with a rat. (Yes! It's real!) Luckily, Adso wasn't in this chapter! Photo108.jpg 108) Gina H. - “Is that a Redcoat we see in the distance?” My son Tristan is 2 and has ASD so getting him to sit was a chore-- the books at one point were nice and neat! My daughter Remington is 4 and has plans to marry Jamie Fraser (true story). Photo124.jpg 124) Erin C. - My wife had the 20th anniversary edition of Outlander inscribed and signed by Diana Gabaldon for our 3yr anniversary! Note the standing stone presentation and Jamie and Claire Funko Pop in the background lol. Photo140.jpg 140) Maria G. (Spain) - I've put that kilted blanket around my books because they give me the sensation of the comfy wool in the winter. Love to snuggle up and put my mind at ease. I'd like to reunite all the books but, at the moment, it's imposible to get 'The fiery cross' in Spain. Not to mention the novellas... Photo112.jpg 112) Lisa P. - This is me in Bessbrook, Ireland.  We were visiting my husband's old California school classmate and it came about that she is a big Outlander fan! Photo084.jpg 84) Carolyn R. - This is where Outlander started for me more than 21 years ago. I read Outlander and saw an ad in my local newspaper stating Diana Gabaldon would be signing books at a little shop called The Book Swap so I went on a whim and purchased the first three books. Photo025.jpg 25) Jennifer T. - *** CONTEST WINNER! *** - At the lake is my favorite place to read the books. Photo taken at a Shawnee State Fishing Lake in Shawnee County, Kansas. A peaceful Fall evening at sunset waiting for the stars to come out. Photo145.jpg 145) Kristina Q. - I've listened to the first book in the Outlander series in English and German. Russian is next! :-) Photo026.jpg 26) Natalie B. - My caption is a quote by Oscar Wilde: 'If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.“ Photo013.JPG 13) Leslie G. - My shelfie :-) Photo098.jpg 98) Jennifer C. - This picture is me with Diana Gabaldon after she signed my copy of Outlander and was taken at Barnes and Noble in Scottsdale, AZ on July 5, 2015 at her Book Signing/Outlander Event! Photo123.jpg 123) Alyson B.  - This collage is of just a few of the adventures Outlander has given me with my daughter Emma.  We've both been reading since way before the TV series, and all the events around the show have just added an extra level of fun. Photo106.jpg 106) Wanda S. - In June 2014, I went to the Outlander Retreat in Seattle, saw Diana Gabaldon, met and reconnected with many Outlander fans and MOBY came out too! 'Best Summer Ever!' :)  My favorite reading spot. Santa Rosa Sound, Pensacola Beach, Florida. Photo085.jpg 85) Mary W. - 
My OUTLANDER collection has a place of honor on a shelf in my bedroom. After reading the series from the library a few years ago, the obsession took hold and I had to have all of the books. With the exception of the Anniversary Edition of Outlander and MOBY, he searched and found nice hardcover editions of all of the books. A friend of my sister went to the very first Starz Outlander booth at Comic Con, and grabbed extra handkerchiefs for my sister and I. Peeking over the top of the books is a little stuffed horse that my husband bought me on our honeymoon - her name is Moonshadow, and she gets a place of honor as well - protector of my collection. :-) Photo028.jpg 28) Philonise J. - This is a photo of Herself and I in Portland. She is signing my cast and you can see my First Edition Copy of Dragonfly in Amber that she just signed. She was gracious as always and such an enduring spirit. I kept the signed part of the cast when they removed it I'll bet that is something not too many people have! LOL Photo102.jpg 102) Leigh Anne U. (Colombia) - My well-loved copy of Outlander, which I 'borrowed' from my Mom at least ten years ago, now makes a perfect reading companion on my patio in Pasto, Nariño, Colombia! Photo131.jpg 131) Jennifer W. - All the ways I can Outlander Photo075.jpg 75) Kathleen B. - 'Early mornings with Claire and Jamie'. Twice a week, my husband and sons are out of the house by 5am for early morning work and swim practice. That leaves me with 2 hours all by myself that I can spend time with my favorite characters, and drink my coffee before I have to go to work! The photo shows my kindle, and the time stamp on it is AM. Still dark outside, but plenty of light on the kindle to read or watch season one.  :-) Photo059.jpg 59) Wendy H. - Outlander takes over the bookcase...in a great way! Photo132.jpg 132) Myrna S. - These books comprise my lovely set of the “Outlander Series: by Diana Gabaldon. Collected from the MID-1990’s & stored in the LATE-1990’s.  I have been able to use many other resources at my fingertips since, i.e., e-books, audiobooks & library loans to enjoy;  even the newer releases that I never got around to purchasing, and now the Starz “Outlander Series”!! Once again, I found my original collection of my BELOVED “Outlander Series!”  Much to my GREAT & HAPPY Surprise they are in wonderful condition.  Only creased by my passionate readings from before and aged with time since, BUT undamaged by mold or water!  They have only been missing out on the TENDER LOVE from the past and that love will soon be re-applied as we slip into the cold & overcast of grey, clouded skies; readings done before a crackling fire where the winter weather seems less dreary and more like a wonderland here in Mid-West USA! Photo082.jpg 82) Beverly S. - Nothing spectacular. Just my shelf exclusively for my Outlander books. I found Outlander on tv (by 'accident') in January of this year. I think I purchased my first book in March and I think I have all the physical copies I can find. I've read all the OL books & have moved on to the LJG books. Photo134.jpg 134) Ellen-Ora - Here's my collection of my favorite books ever, and my favorite chair to read them in! I haven't met Diana (yet) but my personalized signed copy is my most cherished. Photo100.jpg 100) Christine McG. - I first read Outlander 16 years ago! It has been my favorite book and series ever since! My photo shows a bit of my obsession with Outlander.  (I'm a proud obsessenach!) It is me reading in bed, wearing my Claire inspired cowl and fingerless gloves. I'm holding my precious first edition copy of Outlander and on my nightstand is my collection of Outlander books, an Outlander handkerchief, two posters, and Pocket Jamie and Claire. My husband's kilt is hanging on the headboard. I have never liked collecting things but I want everything related to Outlander! :-) Photo120.jpg 120) Rebecca H. - Here's my shelf of physical books.  I have all the big books in hardback, trade paper, and mass market, as well as ebooks and audiobooks.  I also have most of the other books - the Lord Johns and other 'short' stories, and the complete 1st season of the show.  I'm going to have to dedicate a second shelf to my 'Gabaldonia' collection! Photo015.jpg 15) Lisa W. - Here is a picture of my Hard Copy Collection, with some lovely gifts in there too! Photo095.jpg 95) Kathy H. - Faith says, 'What do you mean it's my bedtime? I haven't finished the chapter yet!!' Photo141.jpg 141) Angela J. - This is a pic of my favorite chair, (books all over) in my favorite room (a room just for me for reading and painting). My Kindle holds all Diana's books, including LJG and the novellas. The revised edition of the first Outlandish Companion I got when I saw Diana in April (squeal!) and I just got my 2nd edition. I also have the 20th anniversary edition of Outlander from the poisoned pen signed to me. A few other things I love on the shelves and wall, including my autographed photo from OUK and my 'pages' paintings I've started for myself! Outlander has changed my world, love the connections and the fun things we do! Photo036.jpg 36) Pat V. - My very own Jamie is in the background watching over me. I have a life-sized cardboard cut-out of JAMMF that I won at an Outlander event sponsored by my local library. He stands in my dining room as he’s too big to put anywhere else in my little house! Photo122.jpg 122) Gina D. - I first discovered Outlander at the library in 2007 and there was no turning back.  I have read the ‘big books’, the novellas, and the Lord John books.  (Oh, and of course, now I’m watching the books be brought to life on Starz!)  I’ve had the pleasure to meet Diana twice and I own everything in multiple versions – paper, ebook and audio (Davina Porter is amazing!).  The photo shows my paper copies of Outlander.  As you say, they are the keepers! Droughtlander Contest Logo Small.jpg Here are the results from the Droughtlander Photo Contest on Outlandish Observations! (October 11 - November 7, 2015)

http://outlandishobservations.blogspot.com/2015/11/results-of-droughtlander-photo-contest.html Photo017.jpg 17) Belinda J. - The one in the center doesn't have a Dick. Photo083.jpg 83) Anita W. - When I saw this article about the contest using the books, the stone circle was the first thing that came to mind. Yes, all of the books are mine.  I have them in many different formats.  I have the hardback collection because I purchase all the books that I love in hardback.  I also have a few in soft cover and all of them in paperback. (Those are for lending ).  I also have them all on my kindle.  I just love the story of Jamie and Claire!  It’s my all time favorite!! Photo111.jpg 111) Julie C. - This is my daughter dressed up as Claire with the new companion book! Photo139.jpg 139) Debra M. - This pic was taken in Santorini, enjoying Dragonfly In Amber, a glass of local wine and a glorious sunset. Photo116.jpg 116) Jenny J. (New Zealand) - Jamie takes time out to lounge in dappled Spring weather enjoying Outlander Photo089.jpg 89) Robyn A. - One of my most prized collections, especially 'Cross Stitch' & the 'Fiery Cross' poster. I met Diana Gabaldon on the 'Fiery Cross' book tour at 'The Regulator Bookshop in Durham NC. There were probably about 75 people, at the most, attending. After the reading & book signing, my husband asked if we could have the promotional poster. The staff said yes and we asked Ms. Gabaldon to sign it ! It has been hanging on my wall ever since. First in Virginia & now in Florida. Photo110.jpg 110) Kirsten N. (Australia) - I first started reading Diana's novels over 17 years ago when I was pregnant with my twin boys. Before I read the latest book though, I wanted to go back re-read all of the Outlander books again as after watching the series on TV, realised that I had forgotten quite a few things! So after already reading the first few books again, I took my copy of 'A Breath Of Snow and Ashes' with me on a family holiday to the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. This photo was taken on the balcony of our unit where I spent a lovely time reading and relaxing whilst looking over the waves at Kirra Point. You can also just see the high rise buildings of Surfers Paradise in the background. Photo040.jpg 40) Renata R. - Getting a work-life balance right Photo012.jpg 12) Hannah S. (Australia) - Fraises et herbes. Photo138.jpg 138) Katja R. - Rereading my collection of the Outlander-Saga many years after the first time after having seen the marvellous Outlander TV-Series. Photo030.jpg 30) Melissa S. (New Zealand) - Here is my collections of books by Diana Gabaldon, my favourite author. I am only missing trail of fire. Photo005.JPG 5) Terry-Jo L. - Here is my collection. Photo103.jpg 103) Koko P. - Here is my pic and of course there is a story.  The book is signed by Diana, Ron, Maril, Sam (he wrote 'Much love Coco, Sam' and I don't care that he spelled my name wrong, he remembered me from meeting him in LA), Caitriona, Graham, and Tobias.  This was at ComicCon 2014.  I then hosted Adhamh in Seattle for three days last March, he signed it.  Then I went to NYC for the premiere in April, had it signed by Christ Albrecht (Starz), Lotte, and Gary Lewis.  A few weeks ago I went to Santa Barbara (my hometown) and met Tony Graphia, who wrote 'Burn the Witch' inside.  I've copies the signatures and they are in the pic. Some items shown I got in Scotland (the sword handle sticking out of the book, the Jacobite whisky, the Jamie and Claire charm bracelet, the antler charm hanging off the deer chalkboard, the key, and the heather gemstone pin.  The photo in the background was a gift for my 50th birthday six months ago. Photo003.JPG 3) Kathy W. - My BFF of almost 35 years and I are avid readers. She suggested I read Outlander. I was hooked!  We can spend hours talking about them.  Love my BFF and Outlander!  Sheila is on the left and I am on the right. Photo045.jpg 45) Lori L. - This is my 'happy place.' Photo149.jpg 149) Rhonda D. - This is my collection of Outlander books (minus a couple on loan) and trinkets from a number of Outlander events I've attended. The first three hard bound books are first editions given to me by my mom as I left home for 'times when things seem out of control.' They all remain my go-to books when I need strength, laughter, and cleansing tears. Photo057.jpg 57) Ninfa R. (Spain) - My daughter Alina (9) took the pic. She knows very well mom can't live without OUTLANDER books & now the show :-) Next year my family will spent summer holidays in Bonny Scotland. Photo090.jpg 90) Terri K. - At the Dentist. Claire has just become the prisoner of the Duke. Photo096.jpg 96) Vickie R. - Mom, you missed a candle! My cat, (whose name is Adso, by the way), knows that when a book comes out, it's time for the snuggly blanket to come out as well. He must have thought he hit the jackpot with this stack! Photo046.jpg 46) Karen P. - Outlander Minnesota Style: my niece and I take our love of Outlander everywhere including the Minnesota woods in Nisswa! We made sure to bring a flask, a plaid blanket, and plenty of books. Photo054.jpg 54) Rebekah A. - It was quite interesting to see the interesting places that outlandish bits and pieces popped up on our trip to Scotland. This caught my eye in the shop window in Edinburgh. Nessy of course, Rugby as we were there for the rugby World Cup and of course Outlander  all existing happily in the same shop window. If I would name it I guess I'd call it what's not to love. Photo093.jpg 93) Esther B. (Germany) - *** CONTEST WINNER! *** I took this pic for your contest in 2013, but then life got in the way and I never got to send it. So, I guess here's my second chance! :D This was my DG-Collection back then and our oldest bear is reading to the younger ones. He's actually SO old, he needs glasses (just like I do). So there are my favourite books, my favourite fluffies and my favourite place for reading in that pic. Photo150.jpg And finally, from Karen Henry: Here are all the versions of OUTLANDER that I have, including e-book, audiobook, and Blu-ray. Because you can never have too many, right? :-) Photo004.JPG 4) Samantha S. - I've just recently gotten into the series (I was 5 when outlander was published...) and convinced my best friend of 25 yrs to read the books with me (she loves it too!). Reading this series has provided me with an escape from some serious hardships I've been going through the last year. I don't have a phenomenally 'cool' or interesting place that I read these books- just in a quiet corner in my house: bed, bath, couch, grass outside while kids play-but I can say I went out and bought all her outlander books and LJG books on my birthday this year and haven't stopped reading them since (even if it's just a chapter or a few pages). I bring the books with me everywhere-the park, the dentist, the dr, the DMV and have some good conversations with strangers about them and even piqued some of these stranger's interest. If I were to caption this picture it would probably be: My Utopia Photo010.JPG 10) Morena C. (Tunisia) - PHOTO MADE IN TUNISIA, MAHDIA BEACH. AUGUST 2015 Early morning... A beautiful book in a beautiful place,  what else? Photo077.jpg 77) Nellie N. - Love to read in my backyard - swinging and drinking wine.  I was introduced to Outlander in June 2014 while recovering from surgery. - I finished ALL 8 books on kindle by September 2014 (4 months).  AND I wasn't even a reader!  Now I'm having Outlander withdrawals so I'm starting on Lord John book :) Photo038.jpg 38) Yasemin Y. - the Standing Stones - Err -Books