#CUE14 Pics related to my trip with Curriculet to CUE 2014 in Palm Springs 20140321_093921.jpg curriculet Curriculet to Reinvent How Schools Buy and Teach Books 20140320_171039.jpg 20140320_094309.jpg 20140321_184005.jpg 20140322_151308.jpg IMG_1075.JPG curriculet curriculet overview jan 27 on Vimeo 20140322_151341.jpg @curriculet Can't stop. Won't stop. Everyone else packing up while @curriculet booth is humming. #cue14 #engchat #edtech http://t.co/YcrRVXlN32 @curriculet @curriculet crew in the car! http://t.co/VFjKHzgute 20140321_184012.jpg IMG_1080.JPG IMG_1077.JPG 20140319_164150.jpg 20140319_173934.jpg 20140321_092712.jpg 1395345599447.jpg 20140321_090620.jpg 20140322_151827.jpg 20140319_111434.jpg 20140320_165548.jpg curriculet Curriculet 20140319_111420.jpg 20140322_175052.jpg curriculet 20011-1.JPG @ktbkr4 I met @KtBkr4 at #cue14! I love meeting twitter pln peeps! http://t.co/IyBtXlt6Wl IMG_1076.JPG photo1.jpg 20140321_165946.jpg @ktbkr4 Also, another selfie with @KtBkr4 at #cue14 because why not? http://t.co/fbKwPtLM1e 20140321_093138.jpg 20140321_092723.jpg 20140322_072403.jpg 20140319_123518.jpg 20140322_072351.jpg marika thomas baker car.jpg 1395443721306.jpg FB_IMG_13952497851448002.jpg 20140322_151838.jpg 20140320_065331.jpg 20140322_081840.jpg 20140322_151327.jpg 20140322_143224.jpg 1395536035569.jpg @ktbkr4 So this happened. After @willkimbley admired my thinglink. @KtBkr4 #cue14 #spatula http://t.co/eVNmxBsctD 20140321_123640.jpg IMG_1078.JPG 20140322_151329.jpg 20140322_151719.jpg @ktbkr4 “@KtBkr4: This happened #cue14 @thomasson_engl http://t.co/zXdy3Nh07W” woohoo!!! 20140320_182230.jpg 20140322_152116.jpg 20140321_140543.jpg 20140322_082256.jpg Sunrise in California! Guess who went to sleep at 7:30PST and was awake at 4:30am PST!? This girl! curriculet Curriculet 1395249922984.jpg Rusty Wallace is on my flight! Claudia Kohl Patrick Baker Bethany Baker curriculet Smarter Reading | edtechdigest. 20140321_071459.jpg 20140319_173934-1.jpg 20140319_123504.jpg 20140321_132251.jpg 20140321_093722.jpg curriculet Digital Drifting: Curriculet - Create your own online reading ... 20140320_105756.jpg 20140321_093139.jpg 20140319_162141.jpg 20140319_164333.jpg curriculet Digital Drifting: Curriculet - Create your own online reading ... 20140322_151929.jpg curriculet Curriculet | CrunchBase Profile 20140320_150246.jpg 20140322_151932.jpg 20140320_122522.jpg curriculet New HarperCollins Titles Available on Curriculet : Curriculet curriculet Baker's B.Y.O.D.-- Bring Your Own Device, Dog, & Deconstruction of ... 20140322_084704.jpg 1395247736421.jpg 20140321_170443.jpg curriculet Digital Education - November 2013 Archives - Education Week 20140321_174234.jpg 20140321_184003.jpg 20140322_151715.jpg 20140322_084719.jpg 20140322_133959.jpg 20140322_154502.jpg 20140320_165543.jpg 20140321_090629.jpg IMG_1079.JPG 20140322_152041.jpg 20140319_162104.jpg 20140322_151303.jpg 1395428507108.jpg 20140321_092059.jpg curriculet Curriculet (curriculet) on Twitter @ktbkr4 @KtBkr4 @bennettscience http://t.co/VwPTn1M99n 20140321_092104.jpg 1395443153320.jpg 1395422159669.jpg @ktbkr4 All of the #cue14 gang (except @jstevens009) @ls_karl @sampatue @crystalkirch @KtBkr4 @bennettscience @thomasson_engl http://t.co/UY5FTc3RkN 20140321_132424.jpg 1395437387753.jpg